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Cup of Tea

A Winter's Embrace Retreat

Receive the Gifts of our Season for Stillness

Rest, Reflection and Re-creation for Rebel Women

February 15 to 18, 2019 in Pinawa, MB


This February, spend three easeful days and three cozy nights in the stillness of the winter season. Take the time and the space to do what winter calls us to do if we were to pay attention to the natural cycle and gifts of our distinct seasons.


Experience the quiet and connection at the Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse on the edge of the Whiteshell, where the prairie meets the forest.


Signs that may be telling you to be open to receive winter's embrace:


You feel like you never really got a chance to recover from the hectic time of the holiday season of December and January...and the September rush before that...and the party/vacation mode of the summer before that...


You love spending time with your family and friends but it would be so nice to have a break from living up to being the person you think they see you as.


You've experienced a major life transition (retirement, career change, end of a significant relationship, loss of a loved one, etc.) and you just need time and space to be with your feelings without the pressure of having to fix anything.


You have an underlying feeling of "I'm not good enough" as a result of too much time on social media and playing the comparison game (this is the one I'm most guilty of).

You could continue to ignore these signs and keep pushing forward. That's what the most common messages in our culture tell us to do; have more, do more, be more.

But what could happen if you claimed the space and time for reflection and appreciation? If you actually experienced winter as intended?


When you're in a community of others kind-heated rebels and realize that you're not alone in your thinking, the fundamental needs of being understood and belonging are met.


Life, as it is, begins to feel like it's enough. 

You become clearer on what's most important to you which allows you to better discern where to direct your energy.

Your capacity for acceptance and compassion for both yourself and the people around you expands.

Do you feel the embrace yet?


What do I mean by "rebel woman"?

The woman I'm referring to is a kind-hearted rebel. A woman with an open, giving heart who is not afraid to break from social norms in order to follow what she believes is true, not just for her own betterment but especially for the sake of those she cares for, including the environment.

A woman who is a ready to put aside the obligations and expectations placed upon her and trust things won't fall apart (for at least one weekend).


A woman who longs to live in authentic alignment with her beliefs, values and purpose (and is willing to rock the boat in order to do so).

A woman who is brave enough to face the world and question the beliefs, words and actions that cause harm.

A woman who is willing to acknowledge her fears, failures, and feelings with the intention of learning and growing.

A woman who will engage deeply in play, even if it results in looking silly or unskilled.

A woman who consciously consumes less as a gesture of her love for the environment.

                  HERE'S MY WHY                       

Honestly, I feel like I'm simply being guided by my heart (or dare I suggest some divine source) to lead retreats. I am so grateful that the Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse magically appeared along my path. It just seems right to share the magic.


I've experienced firsthand, both personally and as a witness to others, what happens when we give ourselves both the mental and physical space to slow down, rest, reflect on what has been and what is, and re-create our stories of what was and what can be. And when we do this in relationship with nature...nothing's better!

As a life coach and grief recovery specialist, I've facilitated dozens of transformative retreats and circles, consciously balancing between learning, growth, healing and the space to just "be".

I know that when space is made available and made sacred, the things that are most important, one way or another, make themselves know.

For other rebel women who also want to live life with more peace, joy and purpose, the guidance and support of a retreat sure smooth out the path and make the journey less lonely.


Pre-retreat: You will be provided with the Explore Life Retreat Guide prior to the retreat to help you set your personal intentions for your time at Nurtured by Nature.

Three easeful days and three cozy nights embraced by the winter season, both metaphorically and actually. The group discussions offer an opportunity for reflection and learning of the value of slowing down and being still. The free time and outdoor experiences invite you to embrace the unique elements of winter; snow, long nights, the cold temperature, clear bright skies, northern lights (if we're really lucky).

A range of guided and informal learning discussions and experiences

  • creating a shared vision for the week-end

  • facilitated sharing circles

  • painting

  • appreciative inquiry

  • journaling

  • informal 1-on-1 coaching during free time

  • PLAY!

Home-style accommodations and meals​

  • of course we'll be staying at Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse in Pinawa (check out the TOUR page of this website)

  • private bedroom in hotel quality bed (linens and towels supplied)

  • indoor and outdoor shared spaces

  • indoor and outdoor quiet spaces

  • healthy, whole food, home cooked meals (no frozen lasagna or french fries)

  • wifi and tv free zone

  • resident pets (2 dogs and 1 cat)

Access to recreation resources for your free time and our shared outdoor experiences

  • walking and cross-country ski trails (we have a couple of sets of loner skis if you wear a size 6 or 9 boot)

  • snowshoes

  • The Wonder Woods

  • fat tire bikes

  • library of personal growth books

  • adult colouring books

  • table games

  • other people to play with

  • instruction and support from Amy and me

  • some extra cold weather clothing (let us know what you need)

Small group environment​. Many retreats I've seen have groups sized from anywhere between 8 and 80. The more participants, the more noise and distraction. The bigger the group, the easier it is to "hide" from the questions or challenges that may be the key to your growth and/or healing. That's not my definition of retreat.


We will keep our space limited to four participants plus Amy (my partner) and me as your hosts and facilitator. I believe in order to create the atmosphere of stillness and ease, this small group size is necessary. The benefit to participants is having a private bedroom, access to me if an informal 1-on-1 coaching conversation is desired, and an opportunity to make deep connections with each other.


Because of the small group size, limited space, and condensed time frame, my hope is to bring together four women who will best embrace the essence of the Winter's Embrace Retreat.Therefore I will be doing informal interviews as part of the registration process. It may sound somewhat controlling but if you've ever spent a weekend in a group with just one person who isn't aligned with the rest, the atmosphere is definitely not easeful. For those of you end up attending the retreat, my guess is, you'll thank me.

Contact me by email to request your consult, when you're ready.


The retreat takes place on the Louis Riel long week-end. Arrival is on the afternoon of Friday, February 15 and departure on Monday, February 18 by 2:00 pm.

It's important to commit fully to the retreat but if the only way you can attend is by arriving a little late or leaving a little early, that can be accommodated. The week-end is meant to relieve stress, not add stress.

Retreat Agenda
  • Check-in between 3 and 5 pm

  • Welcome and Opening session

  • Supper

  • Free time

  • Group Circle - Exploring the meaning of Winter's Embrace

  • Fireside Reflection

  • Breakfast

  • Healing Play Circle

  • Lunch

  • Healing Play Activity

  • Free time

  • Supper

  • Seasons Circle

  • Fireside Reflection

  • Breakfast

  • Free time

  • Lunch

  • Embracing Winter Experience

  • Free time

  • Supper

  • Growing forward Circle

  • Fireside Reflection

  • Breakfast

  • Forest Therapy Walk

  • Lunch

  • Closing Ceremony

  • Check out by 2 pm


The investment for the Winter's Embrace Retreat is $750.

That's $250 per day and covers everything you need to support rejuvenation, rest, reflection and recreation:

  • three nights single room accommodations

  • nine home-cooked, whole food meals 

  • a small community of women that has been consciously gathered who share common intentions

  • a gently monitored environment to keep intentions on track

  • Ten facilitated discovery and learning sessions, both indoors and outdoors

  • access to all recreation resources listed above

Your payment plan will be discussed after we've had our person to person conversation and confirmed that the retreat will align with your needs.

Contact me by email to request your consult.

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