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Cluster of Pine Trees


The concept of play goes far beyond just having fun and not having to be at work.


Play is essential to our well-being as humans, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It offers us the opportunity to explore and express our unique gifts, our passions, and our true nature.

Play is more about a state of mind than it is about the activity itself. For one person play comes from the adventure of mountain biking on unfamiliar trails while for another person play comes from being transported to another time and place through reading.

At the "Pinawa Playhouse"  there are opportunities for so many different types of play. From push yourself out of your comfort zone adventures, to relaxing explorations, to creative expression, to games, to shared interactions with other like-spirited women.

There are a number of barriers that often get in the way of women participating in play:

  • fear of being judged as foolish/childish

  • fear of not being good at an activity

  • not having anyone to play with

  • not knowing what opportunities exist

  • not having the equipment and not wanting to buy "toys" that may only be used a few times

Our intention at the playhouse is to eliminate these barriers by provided the ideas, the location, the equipment, the playmates, and the guidance, all in a safe and supportive environment.




Take a day and night to disconnect from the stresses of the city to rejuvenate and re-create by connecting with nature, play and a low key community.



These are planned day adventures that use Pinawa as the home-base. Depending on the season, activities could be paddling, river tubing, snow tubing, snowshoeing, biking, crafting. They happen during the week and encourage you to play hooky!

Lunch will be included.



Do you have a group of girl friends that like to play but don't have an ideal place to go? Are you the host of the getaways and you'd like to just be "one of the girls" for a change? The Playhouse has the space and support to create a unique experience for your playful group.

To see a list of upcoming play events, check out the Calendar.
For detailed information and to explore your participation, contact me so we can set up a time to chat.
Learn about "The Beginner's Mind" in the video below. How does it relate to your play?
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