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Cluster of Pine Trees


Since the very beginning of our relationship, Amy and I have been playing together in nature. From mountain bike road trips to Moab, Utah, to snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies, to adventuring in Costa Rica, to exploring the world (a full year of backpacking to over a dozen countries), we've seen and experienced a lot.

We are grateful for the priviledge to travel to so many amazing, far away places.

And we always appreciate coming home to Manitoba. It never fails that when we are somewhere else in the world we'll end up saying "that's just our own province".

Some of our best adventures have been close to home. Snowboarding at Assessippi. Backpacking in Riding Mountain National Park. Mountain biking in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. Playing at Grand and Patricia Beaches. Camping and canoe trips in the Whiteshell and Nopiming Provincial Parks. Cross country skiing at Birds Hill Provincial Park. Winter camping (in -30 celsius). We've seen polar bears and beluga whales in Churchill and sacred petroforms of the Anishinabe people.

Over time, we fell more and more in love with the Whiteshell and it’s amazing mix of ruggedness and accessibility. The range of activities that can be done in the spendor of our distinct seasons and the proximity to Winnipeg makes it a great choice for a day trip of outdoor adventure, a weekend retreat to rejuvenate, or a week long immersion into nature to reap the benefits of its healing power.

As the stars aligned in recent years, everything pointed to Amy and me purchasing a property in Pinawa, And that’s what we did in the summer of 2016.

This is a place that brings together our appreciation of the unique beauty of the Whiteshell, our love of playing in nature with other adventurous women, and my passion for guiding others to live more authentically, with peace,  joy and purpose.  The Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse is our opportunity to collaborate and share our love of playing in the outdoors with others, which is ultimately what brought us together all those years ago.

We trust that you too will find your Nurtured by Nature to be a renewing and playful experience; an opportunity to deeply connect with nature and yourself and build your confidence to embrace this wild world.

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