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Learning to Let Go


Four options available in 2020

(see below)

The world needs healing...

and people who have done their own healing work.

Now more than ever.

If you're paying any attention at all, it's easy to see that the world is in deep need of healing. We have the highest rates of depression and anxiety ever. Relationships between people with different backgrounds are breaking down. The earth and its non human creatures are also suffering.

Our current culture teaches us that the best way to feel better when we experience emotional pain is to push forward and ignore it. We've been taught to consume more in order to hurt less but ultimately, all that does is cause more harm to ourselves, the people around us, and nature.

When people make an intentional and conscious choice to make space to focus on their own healing and personal growth, the world benefits.

What Happens when people focus on their own heart healing?

  • inner peace

  • reduced stress

  • less depressed

  • renewed energy

  • improved relationships

  • improved leadership skills

  • more skills to support others (empathy, compassion, holding space)

  • living more in the present

  • deeper, more connected relationship with nature

  • improved financial well-being

What's the work that will be done at the retreat?

  1. Unlearning the beliefs and habits that keep you stuck and prevent you from growing forward.

  2. A thorough life review of the experiences that caused your heart emotional pain and the experiences that are worthy of celebration and gratitude.

  3. Taking the action steps to let go of (not forget) the past and create new hope for a joyful future.

  4. Nature Therapy sessions - communing with nature in a manner that enhanced heart healing and growth.

What are the normal and natural fears that get in the way of doing healing work?

  • not knowing what life will be like with a healed heart and a lighter load to carry.

  • worry that the investment of time, energy and money won't make a difference.

  • fear that we won't be able to manage the pain that will surface during the healing process.

  • fear of losing the self identity that is associated with carrying the emotional pain of past losses.

Retreat overview

  • The retreat will take place at the Nurtured by Nature Retreat in Pinawa, Manitoba.

  • 6 days and 6 nights of all inclusive single room accommodations.

  • Arrive Sunday evening after supper and depart the following Saturday afternoon.

  • Home cooked, whole food meals (6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 suppers)

  • Two group healing discussion per day (Monday to Friday), with assigned journalling exercises.

  • Daily guided nature therapy experiences.

  • Free time with access to bikes, canoe, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards (play is exceptionally therapeutic)

  • Although the official heart healing program will be completed on Friday afternoon, the retreat includes an additional day to integrate the learning and growth and also time for celebration.

  • 4 participants only to ensure emotional and physical space and sense of safety to focus on healing.

  • COST:     $2495


Four retreats per year are offered; one per season.

March 29 - April 3, 2020

June 7 - 13, 2020

September 13 - 19, 2020

December 6 - 12, 2020


what Next?

The decision to do heart healing work is not one to make without thoughtful consideration. Our culture encourages us to ignore or walk away from our emotional suffering. Heart healing work asks you to look directly at your wounds and walk with the pain.

The first step if you're feeling an invitation to attend the Heal Your Heart Retreat is to have a chat with your retreat guide and life coach Patti Phillips. During the consult, we'll explore your readiness to open and heal your heart.

Contact Patti here.